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My name is Marek Detko and I'm a UX & UI designer. I'm user-oriented and I enjoy when I am in the responsible role as part of the product team from the beginning until the end to see how the new things can come up from nothing, just from the ideas. Design thinking and cut the complex issues into the small ones equal better seeing the whole product after all.

I experimented with reactive visuals and with mixing electronic music tracks to get the new generative visuals that can be rendered hardly in 3D software.


I'm always looking forwards to work on interesting and innovative projects, whether they're digital design, hardware-based or audiovisual experiences.


As for the refreshment of my mind and creative soul, I play squash and learn the tai-chi and body-building for relaxing. Also, I like to research new information about space and I am interested in understanding how it can be to see / feel it more than the three-dimensional world like on our planet.

Marek Detko

UX & UI Designer


Google UX

LinkedIn UX

Adobe Expert

RedBull Talent Design


00420 736 105 194